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I had my reasons for biking during the last few weeks. I had a mileage goal, a number of trips goal, and it's just so darnn fun to ride with two layers of socks, tights, shorts, layers upon layer of tops and layers of gloves. Wednesday morning was almost the breaking point as the temperature was in the low 20's. It was cold. It was damn cold. There was ice on the road and I swear you could spit and it would almost freeze (well, maybe not), but it would have been a good day to deliver ice cream on my bike. Luckily, my gear held up well and I made it without turning blue, green or purple.

I faded a bit during the last few months. I had my reasons, and I could have just packed it in, but it was a numbers game and I was playing it. There's always lots of numbers in the numbers game. Lately the temperature has been a big one. The distance I had to ride was another. The amount of days I was riding and ultimately how far I rode was another still. See, it's all numbers. It's also nice to see that gas prices are about 70 cents a gallon cheaper than what they were back when this cycling season started. Numbers, numbers, numbers.

So, the big number as I am concerned is 2,500. This week I reached 2,500 miles of biking during the last four years of commuting to work. I've been riding a bit longer, but I wasn't tracking everything as close back then. Now, I know some people ride 2,500 in a few months month and deal with stuff much worse than a little cold weather. Thanks Sue Bastian for stealing my thunder. In all seriousness my riding wasn't meant to be epic. These miles were all tallied up through a 4-mile commute ride to work. It wasn't about exploring a vast landscape of uncharted roads, but rather repeating the same boring ride, over and over again. Well, it's not that boring with the traffic and other fun obstacles that keep it real, but it was a daily exercise in repetition.

So, 2,500 miles. That's like biking to Miami Florida from Bend, which sounds quite nice this time of year. Of course, talking 4 years to bike there, might not sound so impressive. Maybe it's time to make Foghat's Slow Ride as my theme song. Actually, I rode fast, so that wouldn't work either. Anyway, pedaled and persevered, and even when it got cold, I was just as crazy, not because I had to, or it was my only choice. Nope, crazy by choice. Those who ride will understand.

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strauss said:

Congratulations on the milestone.
The end is not so much teh crowning achievement so much as the stories one can tell on the way to getting there....well, so they say anyway.

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