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Time, Better Ways To Spend It, Or Waste It


it's that time again

There's nothing better than an early birthday present from the DMV. You know, the your license is going to expire and this is America, so come on down! You're the next contestant on drive this roundabout. Well, something like that at least. The best part, or perhaps the worst part for safety on the roads, is the fact that once you pass your test, you never have to do it again. I guess it's like riding a bicycle, once you fall off, you never forget how to do it again.

So, a lunchtime trip to the DMV was required last Friday. Yes, I know, going on a Friday, probably not a good move. Surveying the waiting room, I can see I'd be here a while. No big surprise, as I punched the ticket machine, grabbed number 76 and sat down with the clerks yelling out numbers in the low 50's. Now, if ever there's a time when you wished you had a bunch of time wasting websites to visit, it's when you are at the DMV. Here's a good example:

Yes, Merlin Mann might say there are better ways to spend your free moments at the DMV, but really, can you expect to get a lot of work done in the cramped plastic chairs, people shuffling by and noise? Nope.

In the past, a good move used to be, grab a number and then go get some lunch. When you came back, your number was just about to be called, and you'd get all the dirty looks from the people who watched you just walk in. Priceless.

These days, I think they have snipers waiting outside to lay you down if you don't suffer like the rest of the other poor folks who have to sit and wait and sit and wait and SIT AND WAIT. So, I sat and waited.

Now was as good of a time as ever to try out some of the games on my new cell phone. Of course on this Sprint phone I was blessed with four game demos. I think the idea is that you will love the games so much that you will pony up the money for the full version. Yes, if there's anything better than gaming on a small color screen of a cell phone, please le me know, because I feel the need to buy, buy, buy, NOT!

The first game I tried was Mrs. Pac Man. Yes, Mrs. Pac Man at 3/4" by 3/4" is quite an experience. I think I'd rather stick to a larger version where you can actually see what the hell is happening. Buy? NO!

Next up was Texas Holdem Poker. Good stuff. Of course the demo is limited to two hands. I don't even think you can go ALL IN. Boy, that's exciting. Maybe if the game offered a little more, I might get hooked, but with two hands only, it's just about good enough for sitting at red lights. It's too hard to see the flop when I'm driving anyway. Buy? Nope

Pool was next... ahhhhh forget it. Games on cell phones stink!

So, back to the DMV. Yeah, there was a point after all. Paid my fee, took my picture. Actually how many people have to use limbo moves during a DMV picture? Yes, I needed to go low and even though the music wasn't playing, I got down. Of course that's when they blind you with the flash and you get to wobble back to the crowded seating area again and hope that your vision has returned enough so that you don't sit on somebody's lap by accident. Trust me. At the DMV, that's not something you want to do EVER.

So, thanks DMV. Who could ask for a better birthday present? Oh, maybe an unlocked version of poker on my cell phone! All In!

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