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So, That Was November?


great going too fast months

Were the meerkats at the manor running at full speed and caused the planet to rotate a little faster? Did gravity turn sideways? Did the penguins in Happy Feet apply a little too much grease at the poles? Well, it sure feels like this month sailed by. Of course, once Thanksgiving passes, all bets are off for any sanity and peacefulness. Maybe it's the shorter days, with darkness falling around 4:30. Ugggg. Maybe it's the cold weather and snow and rain, and the fewer blue skies to look at. Ugggg. Of course soon enough the Christmas treats will arrive at the office and all will be well again. All will be well. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So, last night some live theater was on the schedule. You can never go wrong with live theater. Trust me. The perfomance was at the 2nd Street Theater, which was my first time seeing a show there (I know, shame, shame). The performance was the preview for Greater Tuna, which I knew nothing about (I know, shame, shame). Apparently there's a following for this greater show. Here's the brief synopsis:

This satire on one day in the life of rural America portrays the eclectic citizens of Tuna, Texas where the Lion's Club is too liberal, Patsy Cline never dies and the annual high school essay contest produces entries titled "Human Rights, Why Bother" and "Living With Radiation".

Okay, that didn't say much. How about this? There's a radio station with the call sign OKKK. There's some dog poisoning, and further dead dog abuse that makes you giggle like a little school girl. Huh? There's a reverend who gives an obituary that I want read at my funeral. It's that good. It's beyond good. It's epic.

What can I say? See the show. It's amazingly greater than you'd think.

What, you're going to the movies instead? This is better than Let's Go To Prison. Trust me. Of course I haven't seen Borat (I know, shame, shame), so I can't comment on that. And no, I didn't see the other movie either, but something's like this, I just know better. Remember folks, monkey knows best.

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