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Number Two As In Turtle Doves


Two Turtle Doves

Yes, two turtle doves. Their tails catch your eye, by the way. What? You didn't know about the turtle doves? Well, my friends, you came to the right place then. Look ye no further than here:

Smaller and slighter in build than other doves, the Turtle Dove may be recognized by its browner color, and the black and white striped patch on the side of its neck, but it is its tail that catches the eye when it flies from the observer; it is wedge shaped, with a dark centre and white borders and tips. When viewed from below this pattern, owing to the white under tail coverts obscuring the dark bases, is a blackish chevron on a white ground. This is noticeable when the bird stoops to drink, raising its spread tail.

Wow, did this blog get all knowledgeable all of a sudden. Yep, turtle dove mania folks. It's like the number two. You know, you get two for one, or buy one to get one free. Ones never really free, but they like to let you think so.

So, two, yes, two, you know, the loneliest number, since the number one. Well, not that lonely, mind you.

Well, two, you know with Christmas shopping what are things you buy in two's? Well, earrings, socks, shoes, salt and pepper shaker sets, ice skates, roller skates, skis, or matching outfits for your twin poodles. Yep, the number two surrounds us and reminds us, that two is a number that comes after one and before three.

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