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Five Golden Rings


lord of the five rings

Can you imagine if instead of One Ring To Rule Them All, there were five? I mean, there are rings of power, but not that many that rule them all, in fact, just one.

Sauron could have made it much easier for himself, if he had made a few backup copies. Yep, you know the importance of backup copies don't you? I mean if you take a great picture, you make a backup, right? If you write a great paper or do some important work on the computer, you make a backup copy, right? What? You don't? Tsk Tsk.

If somehow you missed the great film epics known as The Lord Of The Rings, you should be ashamed, maybe even more of not having a backup plan in place. If you were a good little Hobbit and did your duty, you saw how Sauron failed, because he lost his ring. Not just some ordinary ring you get from the 25-cent machine at the grocery store, but the Great Ring, called the One Ring or the Ruling Ring. Yep, if you are going to make the one and all great ruling ring, it's probably good to at least make a second copy, don't you think? I mean, if you are all-powerful and can make the damn ring of power, then by all means, make a few more.

Yep, if Sauron had planned ahead, none of the saving of Middle Earth would have happened. Of course, that's probably a good thing he didn't make a backup copy. Of course, it's hard to give out bad advice, so even if you are dark lord and want to destroy the world, you probably should have a backup plan in place. In fact, even if you are not a dark lord of power you might want to at least consider one.

Remember, backup early and often.

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