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sex, lies and... SANTA

Let's get down and dirty here. Time for the adult’s only Christmas post for this very special day of the December. Yep, in some places of the world the number six is pronounced sex. I can just imagine the conversations that take place at the local Taco Bell:

Worker: How many of the extra hot, extra spicy Chalupas do you want mam?
Customer: Ohhhhhh, today I'm very hungry and want SEX!
Worker: Mam, that's not on the menu!
Customer: Yes, it is I see it right there. Extra hot, extra spicy Chalupas and I WANT SEX!
Worker: Okay already. BREAK TIME!

I'm guessing the turnover rate is high at the local Taco Bell, or maybe the people there just learned to downsize to five. Nevertheless, this entry is about all things sex, err..., I mean six:

six guests I'd have on my holiday special
1. eve plumb
2. pee-wee herman
3. olivia newton-john
4. sandra bernhard
5. charo
6. paul licuria

Hmmmm... if you invite Mr. Paul Reubens to your holiday special or party, you might get a better white elephant gift that you usually do:

Personally, I think we're living in a very scary time. Do we let the legal system decide in a courtroom what's obscene and what's not obscene? I didn't want to be in a situation where there was a possibility I could go to jail... I mean, that just seemed insane to me.

So, when Pee-wee Herman's carries in a brightly wrapped box with a ribbon on it, get ready for some good holiday cheer. [insert classic Pee-wee laugh here]. Of course, maybe inside of the box you'd find some super pre-release tickets to his upcoming movie, Pee-Wee's Playhouse: The Movie. Best present ever.

Just think, it could be stranger. Pee-wee Herman could be working behind the counter at the Taco Bell, when you ask for your extra hot, extra spicy Chalupas. How many? SEX! [insert classic Pee-wee laugh here]. Oh my.

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strauss said:

Now what would you be having Eve Plumb do on your Christmas Special...just curious! Please, not a rendition from a Very Brady Christmas or the likes.

monkeyinabox said:

Now, keep in mind the list of six people was not from me, but from the link prior to the list.

Now, with that said, Eve Plumb would be great. You could keep mentioning Marsha and see how long it takes to freak her out.

You know, all childhood actors are warped by this point in life. I'd also check her for weapons first.

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