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Seven Swans A-swimming


Run Like Hell

Have you ever seen seven swans a-swimming? I'm trying to think how many swans there actually are in the Bend vicinity. Probably two or three, but that's not the point. Have you ever attempted to come close to the rather large white creatures? If you have, you know one thing. They are mean bastards! They honk and squawk and chase you. As a small child, this is possibly worse than the grim reaper chasing you. Not that I've ever really been a small child, or seen the grim reaper, but a swan on the prowl is not something you want to see.

So, if I see seven swans a-swimming in my direction, or Bjork in her swan dress again, I'm running like hell.

That's it for today's holiday theme and all-around safety tip.

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strauss said:

Our curious dog was chased by a beak snapping swan when he was a puppy. He doesn't like swans so much!

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