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Time To Bang My Own Drum


Twelve Drummers Drumming

Bang, bang. Yeah, that was fun.

Are you one of the funky drummer sampled beats, or the programmed beats from a Roland TR-808, or have you always stayed true to the old-school real drummers?

It was feared the LM-1 [drum machine] would put every session drummer in Los Angeles out of work and it caused many of L.A's top session drummers (Jeff Porcaro is one example) to purchase their own drum machines and learn to program them themselves in order to stay employed.

The 1980's and 1990's were a point of experimentation in music and embracing technology and doing things that couldn't be done before. It wasn't always a good thing, but it had to happen at some point and you can't move forward without sticking your neck out sometimes. The thing I loved most was the artists pushing things further than how the technology was intended to be used for. While samplers and drum machines intended to give you a drummer, or a beat, with ease, music such as Drill 'n bass took it to the complete other end of the spectrum.

If this means nothing to you, or interests you slightly, it's more than likely that at some point in your life (well the last 20 years) you've heard music that's used the Amen break. If your thinking, "So what?" or "Oh, really?", you should watch this. I'm sure at some point, you'll say, "Oh yeah!". You know, in the Kool-aid busting through the wall sort of way.

The good news is that computers haven't taken over the world or music. It's certainly different than it used to be, but if you think about The Twelve Days of Christmas, it's probably a given that nobody will ever ask what a drummer drumming is.

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R.C. said:

O.K.--I'll give you Buddy Rich and Keith Moon. I'm soooo glad the old school (real) drumming didn't go away for to long with the introduction of drum machines. The human element of a real drummer is sorta hard to explain, but it is so important. It's kind of like an analog vs. digital thing. Plus, just how fun is it to watch a really good drummer. Awesome post. Loved the Amen Break stuff. I love a Blog where I can actually learn something. It doesn't happen that often. R.C.

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