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Serving Sizes And The Man's Oppression Against Free Will



Oh yes, the serving size, or the recommended amount of a certain food you should eat. Yes, we all know about moderation, but that's not always a good thing:

Remember how you tried to cut down on your coffee intake because (you thought!) it was making you jumpy and irritable? Well, you just weren't drinking enough of it! Accumulating research indicates that coffee is not bad for you, and a lot of coffee might even be good for you. There are antioxidants in it (no, it's not the caffeine, so you can stop with the Red Bull poppers) that apparently reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver. We quote: "Larger quantities of coffee seem to be especially helpful in diabetes prevention. In a report that combined statistical data from many studies, researchers found that people who drank four to six cups of coffee a day had a 28 percent reduced risk compared with those that drank two or fewer. Those who drank six or more had 35 percent risk reduction."

I don't there's stats showing four to six Guinness' is as good as an occasional Guinness, but it is better. Much better. You could go as far to say Brilliant!

Okay, okay, that's not the point of all of this. So, serving sizes and you. How many times have you grabbed a bag of chips, you know crunchy yummy chips, and read the serving size? Eleven chips? What! Is this madness? At least Lay's chips admitted, you can't eat just one and it's very true. Sometimes you can't eat just eleven.

Cookies. Oh yes, the cookie. Yes, sometimes you don't feel like eat many, but sometimes you are in the mood and have a nice big glass of milk that begs for more and more. Two or three? No!, no!, no! Sometimes it takes half the bag. Come to think about it, that's why the fresh baked ones are so much better. No printed serving sizes.

Ah, maybe the real point is becoming much clearer. Do you sometimes eat more than the recommended serving size, just to spite The Man? Do you not like being told how much you should consume? Just one more, just because I can!

No, not Free Willy but, free will:

The problem of free will is the problem of whether rational agents exercise control over their own actions and decisions. Addressing this problem requires understanding the relation between freedom and causation, and determining whether or not the laws of nature are causally deterministic. The various philosophical positions taken differ on whether all events are determined or not—determinism versus indeterminism—and also on whether freedom can coexist with determinism or not—compatibilism versus incompatibilism. So, for instance, hard determinists argue that the universe is deterministic, and that this makes free will impossible.

Blah, blah, blah. Well, if that's what you got from this, I'll sum it down to you with Free Will Philosophy and a bag of Kettle Chips. Oh, well lookie here, I've got a bag of Kettle Chips Spicy Thai chips. This is a five-ounce bag; it implies that there are five servings inside. I honestly have no idea what one-ounce of chips looks like. But, I do know that I've been known to eat an entire bag at once. Yes, that's free will, or bad excuse for dinner.

Now, with this bag of chips, I can look at the serving size chart and see that it should take me five different snaking times to finish it off. Now, I could be really precise about this and pour the whole bag out and separate the chips, one by one, into five piles. That is madness, plain and simple.

Free will says that I will eat as many as I want. However, maybe this was known from the beginning by Kettle Chips. Sure they print out the chart on the bags, but if they really wanted you to only eat one ounce of chips, why not put five small bags inside the larger bag? Thus, determinism shows that most people will not eat one ounce of chips. So, while they think they have free will in their choice, they really were following a chip-eating path already established for them. All the chips are in the bag. Once opened the bag is not easy to reseal. You can roll it up and use a chip-clip to close it, but think about it. All the chips are presented to you once you open the bag. Maybe determinism has set forth a path of eating the whole bag.

Much clearer now, right? Yep, this free will thing is not so easy to grasp. If you really want to hurt your head, apply this theory to your entire life. Egads. Never mind, back to bags of chips. Speaking of bags of chips, come a little closer Spicy Thai. Free will and determinism might be at play, but into my mouth you will be. Brilliant!

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Good thinking. It's always good to plan for the future.

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