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Normally, I don't pay much attention to the newswire that features the local freaks and weirdo's doing their freaky and weirdo ways, but today I was intrigued by a news item on Bend Weekly:

A 41-year old Washington County, Oregon woman was arrested Thursday morning for suspected animal abuse and assaulting an officer when authorities seized 15 animals from a semi-truck trailer where the suspect was living -- including one dog whose muzzle she had tied shut, sheriff's deputies reported.

Yeah, big deal, right? Okay, there's more:

During execution of the warrant Thursday, Chamberlin refused to open the door for deputies, and they eventually forced entry into the semi-truck trailer. As the first deputy entered the trailer, Chamberlin "came at him" and tried to hit him in the head with a piece of steel rebar. Chamberlin was subdued without being harmed, said the sergeant, and was taken into custody.
Deputies reported that the trailer was littered with animal feces, urine, and rotting food, and said the stench was unbearable. A total of ten cats, one dog, and two ferrets were seized and taken to the Bonnie L. Hays Animal Shelter.

Wow, talk about one of the select few. Looking at the mug shoot, she's a bit mannish in my opinion. Okay, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, go for it. I'll be extra helpful, here's a perfect match.

How do people turn out like this? Most likely it's a mental condition or drug abuse. It's sad really. Don't even think of blaming music or bad parenting. Well maybe, perhaps.

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