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Fresher Than The Expiration Date On Your New Carton Of Milk


Brand New Fresh

Admit it, you know you did it. You ran out and bought Windows Vista, well, because you like fresh and new things. You knew that Bill Gates wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction, or advise you to do something that wasn't beneficial. Right? Now what?

For those of you who haven't jumped ship on XP, hold off and evaluate your options first. If you already paid for the product, but didn't install it, remember, nobody is holding a gun to your head, unless, well, someone is holding a gun to your head. If you've bought it, or (gasp!) downloaded a version, or bought it for $10 out of that guys' trunk down by Home Depot next to the freshly picked mangos, AND installed it, I'm here for you.

First off you are thinking, "What the hell is this wonderful goodness I see?" Sure the floating clock which now allows you to see the time ... oh wait, you could always see that in the lower right corner). The floating calendar now lets you see the date ... oh wait, you could always see that by double clicking the previous clock. Well, the eye-candy is better. Oh true, or so very true, but now my computer runs slower. Hmmmmm. 3D navigation of your windows. Wow, this is almost as cool as tilting your monitor sideways and looking at it from that position. Sure, you can see everything at once, but is that how your brain works? How many active windows can you really watch?

Seriously, did I get this new freshness of an operating system? Nope. But a lot of people will and it will become the standard once again. It's nothing to jump up and down about. There's no revolution. It's just another version of Windows. Agreeably though, it is a little fresher.

AND, Happy National Gorilla Suit Day to you! Even Paris Hilton would agree. It's hot AND fresh.

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