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Neglected, Indeed


neglected and licked, only with Windows

Getting away from the standard routine can often lead you to neglect things you would normally not do so with. A lack of entries, a lack of photos, a lack of a functioning computer. Oh yes, the little things in life you take for granted until they no longer work. Well, it wasn't a serious problem, but my pretty dependable laptop decided that it was time for Winrot to take it down. Yes, good old Winrot. And of course no backup ever really saves Windows' bacon when Winrot is involved. But, it's always nice after a fresh install of Windows to see how fast your computer can actually run. Of course it doesn't have any software on it to make it useable, so the actual speed is yet to be seen. Of course the Winrot is licked so until it comes back, I'm good to go.

This wasn't all a bad thing, since I had read an article recently that reminded me of the moving or cleaning experience. If you really clean out a space you'll see all the stuff you really don't need, out-dated items, old papers, and lots of dust. I did this around my workspace recently, so much in fact, that people in the office asked what was going on. Definitely a sign that things were not in good shape. The amount of extra stuff I had in and around and on top of my desk was limiting my ability to work sometimes. Not a good thing. The same can be said for your computer.

So, start fresh and think before everything under the sun is installed. And if it's slow and no longer wants to go, then give your old install of Windows the heave ho.

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