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Worse Than Roommates

Ahhhhh.. The stress of the daily grind. The pressure and the burdens of life. We all know the details of this and that and how certain things make you grit your teeth and squint your eyes. There's a moment between smiling and frowning with the urge to smack people upside the head.

Thankfully those moments are few and far between. Someone cuts you off driving. Damn, that irks your good-natured moods, but do you really do anything about it? Nope. Someone steals your grocery cart full of groceries and makes you start over in the store, but do you hunt them down and beat them with a bag of marshmallows? Nope. It's self-restrain like this that sets us apart from the animal kingdom.

Now, one thing in particular that seems to get on my nerves is that fact that some of the people in the building I work at are utter slobs. It's not the office I work in, but another one that shares the building. These people are not people I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but in a way, I am touched by their slobbiness far too often. Case in point, the bathroom. Now before you think that I'm some sort of obsessive-compulsive neat freak, I am not. Also, the building I work in is a professional office. It's not a strip club or a truck stop. It does house a bunch of unruly Roller Derby Girls. Professionals, get it?

All right, before I get all worked up and frantically pound on the keyboard, I'll sit back, take a deep breath and sip my tea. Ahhhhhhh. And even though about this time last year I had more than 1,500 of the damned boxes in my house, a few Girl Scout cookies are darn tasty. Sure, I couldn't look at them last year without getting the shakes and nervous desires to flee the country, but now they are simply no more than a cookie. See, perception is a part of how you can take an issue and make it more of a problem than it should be.

Now, my perception of the professional slobs that share the bathroom with the office I work in is in fact a problem. I guess that if I am going to illustrate the severity of these slobs, I'll have to break it down for you:

Reading Materials: No, not a magazine or book is left in the bathroom, but newspapers. No, not a neatly folded newspaper, but newspapers scattered all over the floor like someone was living in the damned toilet stall. Given the fact that it's on the floor, you have little desire to touch the newspaper, let alone lick your fingers and turn the page. I swear that sometimes you'll open the stall door and it looks like someone tossed three newspapers in there like it was a recycling bin.

Toilet Paper Rolls: When the toilet paper rolls run out, they need to be changed right? Okay, at least that happens, but the paper that covers the new roll and the old tube and just tossed onto the floor. Yep, there's a garbage bin about five feet away, but with all of the newspapers scattered on the floor, it hardly makes a difference.

Paper Towels: After washing your hands there are paper towels to dry off with. The garbage bin is conveniently located, but if one of these professional slobs misses the garbage, do they pick it up? Nope. Piles of paper towels left on the floor.

Toilet Flushing: You knew I'd be moving past the paper products soon enough. Yep, for most people the rule is if the toilet doesn't flush it all down, flush it again. If it clogs up, use the plunger that is right next to the toilet. On either of these cases the answer is nope and nope. The next lucky person gets to deal with it.

So, there you have it. Fun stuff, eh?

Breathe in, breathe out. Have another cookie, have some tea.

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wendy said:

Back when my daughter was a Girl Scout, I dreaded cookie season. The worst year was when my then 1 year old opened 20 boxes of cookies, I was able to make them ours and grandmas, so no innocent neighbors were stuck with slobber poisoned cookies.

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