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Are You Going To Finish That?


Man Versus Bear Versus Burger

Sometimes you just have to reward yourself, and other times you say forget the diet, and other times you are just plain hungry. Perhaps it's a fact that I am no mere mortal when it comes to food. Yes, sometimes I don't go all crazy and eat a lot, but sometimes the urge to splurge hits.

Last night the dinner choice was The Black Bear Diner or known as The Last Place You Would Find Stephen Colbert Dining At. You know, bears:

Godless killing machines without a soul

So, with my appetite ready to go, it was a simple choice of ordering up Bob's Big Bear Burger (sounded better than liver and onions). One of the greatest things is getting a big burger with a knife stuck in it. Yes, the knife in the burger. I think that is supposed to give you some sort of reassurance that your huge burger isn't going to spring back to life and eat you instead.

Burger and fries! Burger and fries! It's all good and Bob's Big Bear Burger was no match more me. Of course the single napkin I was given with it suffered horribly. I guess I could have used the knife and fork, but who the hell eats a burger with a fork? I mean really.

All done. All finished. Tasty good. So, if bears or big hamburgers don't scare you, check out the place. approved.

And dessert? No thanks, I'm on a special banana diet.

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strauss said:

Banana Cream Pie perhaps?

Keeneye said:

Skip the burger, monkey.

Stick with dessert.

I love the "Chunky Monkey" dessert at Koi Sushi -- Almond crusted banana egg rolls served with green tea and red bean ice cream. YUM!

Anyway... a banana diet could be delicious.

1st course: Shredded Green Banana Salad with diced dates and a very light carmelized balsamic dressing.

2nd course: Roasted Banana Soup with toasted coconut.

3rd course: Banana Ice Sorbet.

4th course: Crunchy, tempura Banana stuffed with white crab meat, preserved pineapple, and a green tea reduction.

5th course: Tableside Flaming Bananas - soaked in 100 proof coffee liquer and set afire, then topped with rich vanilla icecream and crushed, roasted espresso beans.

Yes? YES????? (okay, maybe the crab was a bit much)

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