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Creme Egg Overdoses


Overdose of degradation

Ten years ago I OD'd on Cadbury Creme Eggs. It wasn't a pretty sight and prior to that I had only experimented with them occasionally. You might be asking yourself, "How does one OD on Cadbury Creme Eggs?" Well, let me tell you...

Easter candy was always a soft spot for the monkey. Peeps were good. The chocolate covered marshmallows were good. The malted milk balls were good. The M&M's, the Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs, the chocolate bunnies, and Cadbury Creme Eggs. Yes, seriously, the most decadent of the Easter treats was the Cadbury Creme Egg. Short of the large chocolate bunnies, the Creme Egg was the most filling of all Easter Treats. Usually you could only eat about one before saying "UNCLE!".

Sure, everyone remembers their college years fondly. However, this year was tainted by my Cadbury Creme Egg OD. Yes, a whole year tainted by Easter Candy. Now, typically the Cadbury Creme Eggs are not real cheap. Not real spendy either, but enough to keep you from grabbing a handful. Well, I made the mistake of going shopping a few days after Easter. I hadn't eaten too much candy (maybe one Creme Egg at most). I wandered into Shopko and my eyes glazed over. Discounted Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Now, ten years ago these were not the same shrunken Cadbury Creme Eggs you get today. Based on the reverse shrinkage calculations, I predict they were a good 1.8oz's or so. Yes, these jumbo Creme Eggs were enough to fill you with ease. Now, seeing discounted Easter candy is a good thing, but it's usually just wacky flavored jellybeans or mini gummi carrots or some unwanted treats. Cadbury Creme Eggs? Who would not want these? Simply, the stores over-ordering was my gain.

At ten cents a piece, I figured about a dozen should do it. Now, I could have done the sensible thing and eaten one a day, for twelve days or so. Nope, I ate four when I got back to my apartment. No problem with a big glass of milk. The next day I did the same. By the third day the thought of Creme Eggs was not as found, so I ate two. The final day I ate two more and passed out.

A few days later after unsticking the small pieces of tin foil from my fingers I was back to normal. Well, as normal as you can be after ODing on Cadbury Creme Eggs. Since that day I've never had a huge craving for them anymore. This year, I was able to eat two of the slightly smaller versions. Hmmmmmmm... They tasted pretty good. Maybe I'll have to see if there's any discounted Easter Candy the next few days, or maybe I should print this out and carry it in my pocket for when I hit the candy aisle.

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strauss said:

Well I guess, if you are going to OD on SOMETHING, the creme egg may as well be it. Yep, I can't do more than one of thsoe things and the thought of one is usually better than the eaten....well in the consequence of after thought, anyway.

strauss said:

On the backing of that post I coudln't seem to help myself faced with a bin full of 50% off creme eggs. Gee....Thanks!

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