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Spring to it

It was about this time last year I wrote about the biking season. Now, while I haven't been all hardcore about it this month, I actually first rode three weeks ago. Of course the damn rain/snow/hail/wind and all of that Mother Nature crap came back and pushed me down a bit. This week, the forecast looks good (well, good enough), so pedal power is back in action.

It's always at the beginning of the season that requires the most motivation. I'll admit that some days if the wind blows too much from the West or sun is tints the sky slightly orange-ish, or if there's a full moon the night before, I'm more likely at this point in the season to bag it and drive. Towards the end of the season it takes much more to thwart off my pedaling passion. So, I like to remind myself that anything above freezing this week is a walk in the park.

So, yesterday was Earth Day. Today is not, so drive your Hummer all over town, I've got both eyes open watching out for the big SUVs as usual. Thankfully, my riding time is usually slightly off the normal rush hour traffic.

All in all, I love it. Escaping the car. Getting exercise. Not needing to fuel up the car as much. Try it, you might just like it. I'll admit that warm weather is more of a motivator, but willpower is the best one of all.

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