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Not Exactly A Dog Lover


Ewww... Dog lips

With a title like this I'm probably irritating half of the population already. Obviously I'm not going to pretend this blog is the Dogster of blogs or a blog that's oodles for poodles. Nope, not going to do that.

Now, this lack of love for dogs has nothing to do with my previous commentary on Pit Bulls (but that's another story). This is more of a general statement about just being ho-hum over dogs. Sure, some are cute and fun to play with, but in general I don't want a dog slobbering on me, or trying to lick my face. Sorry, can't handle it.

Usually people are either cat people or dog people, and some people are on a higher level who love monkeys (but that's another story). Now, most cat people just have cats. Some people go nuts and build all sorts of furniture for their cats or change their entire house for cats, and there's the usual crazy cat ladies (but that's another story). Dog lovers are an entire different breed. (pun intended). The truth is, you could be a pycho-killer, but as long as you are holding a puppy, you're a nice guy and one of them:

In a world of fears where people are told to watch out for terrorists with weapons and airplane passengers wielding fiery shoes and eyebrow tweezers that could end the lives of those around them and people in dark-windowed vans waiting for you to walk casually past their passenger side door, it’s funny to me that a guy with a puppy could probably get into the oval office without having to undergo some kind of body cavity search.

Admit it dog lovers. Would you comment to a stranger about their dog? Yep. Not me. I don't want to know about your dog, if I did I would ask. I think that's a fair enough thing to ask, right? Dog owners telling me about their dogs is not. A bit harsh? Perhaps. Having a cat I didn't do that. Well, actually I did when someone was over because the cat was huge. I mean huge enough that nobody ever said, "cat, blah, cat". I mean, if you have a dog that can juggle, or breathe fire then show me, otherwise if he's just a dog, then don't.

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Leeroy Johnson said:

There is something fundamentally wrong with folks who don't like dogs.

monkeyinabox said:

Leeroy- Do you sell dog food or chew toys for a living by chance?

Dingo said:

I'd like to see a dog that could reach your face. ;)

Pauly D said:

The crazy dog lovers are simply the ones who were sterile and couldn't have kids.

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