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Pressed and steamed

Admit it, ironing is a pain. You can do it, but it's always a big hassle.

Some people hate bugs and some people like bugs, but then there's some people who really, really, really love bugs.

Virga, Gustnado and Seiche. Drug names, foods or weather terminology?

Cuatro de Mayo sucks, but Cinco de Mayo rules!

Weather in Bend is like a fruit salad. Eat bite is different.

For some people Tobey Maguire looks like an elf, and to others he looks like a horse. I could be mistaken.

Paris Hilton. Some people are recommending that Paris Hilton gets banged up for 45 days. Tsk tsk.

You may now get back to your regularly scheduled task of ironing.

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strauss said:

I loathe ironing with great passion, but Mayo is great on sandwiches.

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