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Only Seven Months Until Christmas


Don't Procrastinate

Yes, after a hectic few weeks of making sure I didn't fall too far behind on my Christmas shopping, I decided to break the silence. Yep, nothing like planning ahead. Of course that's not really what i've been doing, but is that really the point? No. The point is there's always something to look forward to, or something to dread. Every dark cloud has a silver lining and everything good always has something that gets you sooner or later.

How could I not mention what Brad posted about there almost being snakes on a plane. I mean, really, Snakes On A Plane. If someone had a video camera, they could have just filmed the sequel. Samuel L. Jackson might have been pissed, mutha F'ing pissed!

Now, did you see my point there? Snakes on a plane would have been bad for the people on the plane, but the fact that it really could happen would be, well, good to some people. Perhaps the people who market the movie Snakes On A Plane.

So, it might be a birthday party you have to plan, or some housework, or something else. Just remember that there's always something good to be gained by doing something you don't want to do.

Now, get off you butts. Seven months until Christmas!

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