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Rejoice: The Monkey Wagon Rides Again!


Get Your Parade On

Truly this year's Pet Parade was huge. A new route (huge) and so many people in it that it has reached epic proportions of fun. Well, not really, but it was bigger and longer. Yes, thanks Pet Parade people for adding an uphill towards the end. Just what we all needed on a day that almost topped 100 degrees.

Last year, I tried hard to think of ways to trump the flying dog:

Since the monkey wagon isn't enough, it's time to take things to the next level. If a flying dog can steal the show, what about flying monkeys (think Wizard of Oz, complete with the musical score). I probably couldn't pull this off alone, and if I were going to ask anyone for help, it wouldn't be a flying dog, but Birdman.

Well, that was clearly a moment of heat exhaustion or something, but this year I just sucked it in and kept it simple again. Nothing flying, no audio, just the raw monkey wagon. Guess what? NO FLYING DOG! After a few years of that flying mutt stealing the show, it was over. Clearly a fly-by-night sort of act. The monkey wagon came back for Pet Parade #7 and parade #10 (counting the three Christmas Parades the monkey wagon has been in).

Yes, ten parades! Indeed, a mighty number for parade goers.

The next best part of the day had to be the even more odd Freedom Ride. Now, being a cyclist, I thought about riding, but then decided that watching and taking pictures would be more fun. Truly odd and truly silly. Freedom baby, yeah....(think Austin Powers).

Well, it's been dry and hot, so perhaps tonight we'll have a fire on the butte. It's about time for one, don't you think? Keep it safe...Freedom baby, yeah....

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Mrs H said:

The Freedom Ride was fun until the cops shut it down.

blankpine said:

Word. Cops really do hate freedom. They told us that day that they'd written 27 open container tickets at the ride, but they told the newspaper they'd written 15 total that day.

What, cops lie? Shocking, I know.

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