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A Good Day For Watching Flying Objects


Swing, batter, batter, batter, swing!

Yep, open up your eyes and look up something might go flying by:

No, no, no, not flying witches, rather flying baseballs! Yes, it's that day, the All-Star Home Run Derby!

What! Boring? You don't care? Well, I'm not surprised. Every year there are impressive homeruns, but truthfully, it is boring to watch and you usually don't care who wins. Every year there's the typical article on the ESPN website called Five Ways To Improve The Home Run Derby:

Check those ratings, friends. More people now watch the Home Run Derby every summer than watch your average division series game. For that matter, we'd bet more people now remember what unfolds in the Derby more vividly than they remember what happens in the All-Star Game itself. Think about it. Scary, isn't it?

Truthfully people do watch and are interested, but the article also points out the obvious. The end of it has little drama. Of course that's not the biggest issue this year:

The script for this year's Derby seemed so obvious. You have the Derby in San Francisco. You have a star from San Francisco (perhaps you've heard of him) about to break the most momentous record in sports. So you don't exactly need to be a descendant of Willie Mays to know this Derby and that star were meant for each other.

And we don't care how you feel about Barry Bonds, either. This is his park. That's his kayak fleet out there. These are his people. This is awesome baseball theater just waiting to happen.

Except it won't, of course.

Yep, what a crock. Barry's got a party with Jay-Z. WTF! I wouldn't be surprised during the All-Star Game tomorrow when Bonds sees other things flying in the air.

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