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BBQ Madness Is Always A Good Thing


Fire up the grill mate

Geeez...this morning was a tad bit chilly on the bike commute. I think I could see my breath. Looks like for tomorrow the weather in Bend and Alice Springs are going to be about the same. Of course here summer is fading away and there spring is coming.

This section features going into my second weekend. We ate at a lot of friends and families for meals and many of them turned out to be BBQ's. Ahhhhh, you can never have too many meals cooked on the grill.

08.02.2007 to 08.05.2007


The third day at the shop. Honestly, I kept busy enough with some computer tasks to feel useful. Snuck out at a couple points to take money to the bank and explore a bit around the numerous shops. The city is really a great size and you can see so much of it on foot. Around lunch time we took a walk and checked out a few historic sites. First was a quick pass by the old jail. Hmmmmm... still locked up. I stuck my camera under the door since there was a nice gap and snapped a shot. No skeletons of convicts or anything. Oh well.

Next up was The Residency which gave an indication to how the well-off folks lived back in the 1930's. There was a fair bit of historical information inside as well. Not a bad site and only required a couple dollars donation to check it out.


This was a fairly casual day. No work and not too much play. We did a bit of grocery shopping and it was fun to check out what was the same and what was different in the stores there compared to here. The Mexican section is lacking compared to what you find here, and so is cheese that is colored yellow. Soda seemed much more expensive, but mind you it was winter. I know here in the winter soda is much more spendy than in the summer months. Of course Alice Springs is not located in an ideal place to ship things, so much things do cost a bit more.

It actually rained the night before and today was cloudy and overcast. Grey skies over Alice Aprings are not very common. I know it was winter and all, but blue skies are the norm. Turner out to be a good day to stay inside and kick back.

Dinner was with family who had friends visiting from South Australia. They had never been to Alice either and I was surprised that they pictured it more of a flat desert than what it really was like. I think in general if you asked me about the general landscape in most states here, I could probably give a decent description even to the ones I had never been too. For example, in New Jersey there's a lot of beautiful ocean front property and the fresh air almost takes your breath away. Did I nail that one?


Time for a little more exploring in the bush or was it the outback? We headed toward Trephina Gorge, but first stopped by a massive Ghost Gum tree. Seriously, check out the link, that is one big tree. Ghost Gum trees are white, and with the almost always clear-blue sky, the contrast is beautiful.

Trephina Gorge is wild. You can truly go to the beach, in the desert. As you walk in you realize that you are in a riverbed and that's why it's so sandy. After walking in a bit you come to an area with some water. I was informed that you could swim in it. Hmmmmmmmmm. No thanks. Of course it couldn't be worse than an unheated outdoor swimming pool in February in Bend.

On the drive back into town, there was a snake on the road. Well, a dead snake. It was big enough. We thought about stopping, and I could have gotten some close up macro shots, but I know nothing about snakes and what if it wasn't really dead? What if it sprung back to life? I know, I know, it could have been dinner.

Of course dinner was a BBQ, so I'll stick to steak, lamb, pork & chicken. Ahhhhhhhhh. No snakes, thank you. Of course prior to the dinner, I was chatting in the kitchen, and learned an essential rule of BBQ etiquette. All the men stand by the grill and drink beer. All the women stay far away (perhaps in the kitchen). Yeah, meat cooking. It's fun to watch.

Of course, it's better to eat, than to watch. One of the big things you notice is that hot dogs are not really very common. This is not really a bad thing, I mean, a hot dog is only so good. A sausage is so much better. After dinner we played some poker with the hosts. Is it a bad thing when you get a free dinner and then take the money of the people who fed you? Hmmmmmm.


For lunch we were invited over for another BBQ. Alright! Stand by the BBQ and drink beer. Got it. Another difference is the 'meat patties'. They are like hamburgers, but not served on a bun with the usual ketchup and mustard. Ketchup is usually called 'sauce' as well. And what we call yellow mustard is known as 'American Mustard'. Subtle differences.

After filling up again on yummy grilled goodies, we were invited to dinner, which was, surprise another BBQ! By this point I had the standing by the grill with my beer part down. Another thing that you notice is the phrase 'mate' is sure used a lot. With little kids it's used as well. 'Be careful mate', and such. Of course the great one was one of the adults said to a 2-year old who was around the grill, 'Mind your head mate, it's hot'. Of course it reminded me of the Carlos Mencia joke about the differences between mom's and dad's. I think any mom would have grabbed the toddler much quicker. I think there isn't a hard rule with kids during BBQ's. I know where I should be, but them? Nope.

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