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Down Under, Down To Where It's Green


Down by the sea

Off to Adelaide, where there was no desert and instead an ocean and beach. We had little time, but plenty to do. So, let's get to it.

08.13.2007 to 08.14.2007


After loading up the car, we headed to the Alice Springs airport for our flight to Adelaide. We had enough time to have a few nice coffees and then boarded our first plane together. Up until this point it had either been coming or going but never together. Definitely a better flight.

After arriving and going down to collect our bags, we went through the process of getting a rental car. We loaded up the car and headed out. Wow, quite a difference in the scenery. From the red rocks and sand to lush green landscapes with hills and sheep and a coast line as well. I was given the quick tour of a few suburban areas and the previous dwelling of the CEO. We then headed down towards Glenelg Beach which is, frankly, gorgeous.

Being a bit famished we acquired some eats from a joint called WOKINABOX. Hmmmmmm, what a good name. They didn't serve monkey, and that was a good thing. After a late lunch, we hit Haighs Chocolates, which is where the people who know, go to get the good stuff. We loaded up on goodies to bring back home and got a few truffles for ourselves. Back down to the beach where we arrived in time to walk along the beach, during sunset eating truffles. Does it get any better than that? Nope!

Accomodations in Adelaide were located up in the hills. Mount Lofty House was our destination and what a destination it is. Wow. Amazing views from up in the hills. This is one of those places where your room is just as impressive as the lobby. A lot of charm and character all around. We settled in and had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant on site. A wonderful dinner indeed. Actual courses and all. Yummy. Oh yeah, there was a fireplace in the room as well. Living the good life, indeed.


Time for some animals! Off to Cleland Wildlife Park. Kangaroo's, Emus and Dingoes, oh my! We purchased a few bags of food for the critters and headed towards the laziest kangaroos I have ever seen. They did perk up a bit after shoving some food into them. Granted it was afternoon and maybe it was kangaroo siesta time.

The park itself if huge and we spent quite a bit of time walking around. The dingoes were sleeping as well, oh well, but we did get to see plenty else. euros, yellow-footed rock-wallabies, more kangaroos and emus. The emus were a bit freaky in how big they are. Their eyes are pretty trippy and the CEO was brave enough to let one eat out of her hand. More wallabies, some wombats, echidnas and plenty of birds too. After the loop we finished up with a Tasmanian devil (feeding time) and koala close-up time. Very cool.

We had a light lunch before leaving and then another car tour of Adelaide, which was quick, but adequate for the amount of time we had. We headed back to the hills and our place. After resting up a bit it was time for dinner. This time out I got behind the wheel of the car. Time for some driving on the other side of the road. No worries mates! We made it to Cha Chi's Mexican Cantina in one piece.

The food was good, probably not as good as the Mexican here, but if you go to Australia for Mexican food you are doing something wrong. With that said, it was authentic and I did feel like I was in a typical Mexican joint until the waitress with her Aussie accent said, "What will you have mate?". Well, you can't keep it too real all the time.

The margaritas weren't too strong, so the drive back was just as easy. Certainly a day packed with a lot of fun and plenty to see and experience. Amazing indeed. Our stay in Adelaide was nice, but very short. Tomorrow we would be heading to Sydney.

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