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From the sunrise to the bright city lights

Why is it when you have bike problems and you are riding to commute to work, you always have your problems late on Sunday or Monday morning? Grrrrrrr. Today on my ride in my rear shifter cable broke. I had to turn on my Lance Armstrong legs of pedaling power and crank up the final hills as I neared work. It was no big deal on the ride home and the cable has since been replaced, Thankfully a quick fix and this weeks rides will resume as normally scheduled.

This installment of my Australia trip features the beginning of our time in Sydney. What an amazing city!



Our first day in Adelaide started with a beautiful sunset and this morning we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise as we got up and got ready to head out again. It took about 40 minutes to drive to the airport with it being a bit busy in traffic. After refueling the car we headed back to check it in. Ooops, the CEO pulled into the short term parking lot instead of the rental car return. No prob, says I, "Just back up". And guess what? It was no problem at all. What? Did you think I was going to tell a horror story about punctured tires or something?

We checked in at the airport and I was able to secure an exit row seat, which is a good thing when you are six-foot-eight. Time for some coffees and then were off to Sydney. At the airport we got a few post cards and then went to get a shuttle to our hotel. The drive through downtown Sydney was crazy. This is not a place I would suggest driving if you have the choice.

We checked into our place, which was the Sofitel Wentworth, and it was another beautiful place indeed. We took the elevator up to our room, which we had been notified at the desk was an upgrade. Going into the room we saw that it was quite large, but part of that was that instead of having one large bed, it had two smaller beds. Huh? A smaller bed for me never makes sense, and honestly we only needed one. A call down to reception got us moved back to an slightly smaller room, but with a bigger bed. Much better.

After relaxing a bit we went down and had lunch in the hotels restaurant. The food was good and we surveyed a map they gave us at the reception desk. Circular Quay was only about a 5 block walk to get to and after finishing up we headed down to check out the ferry schedules. From Circular Quay you have great views of the harbor, the Harbour Bay Bridge, and the Opera House. It's truly one of those places you have to visit in person to truly experience. Photos never do it justice.

We headed back to the hotel to change, because we had plans that night for dinner and a show. For the occasion we both decided to dress up and do it in style. We walked back down to Circular Quay and caught our the ferry. Honestly, the ferry ride is about the best deal you can get in Sydney. It's cheap and if you thought the view from land was amazing, the view from inside the bay was spectacular. Amazing views in every direction. Truly this is the place to be.

We arrived at Star City, which is a Mecca of gambling, eating and entertaining. Our choice for dinner was Pyrmont's Restaurant, which was a steak and seafood joint. Now, for some reason my brain was saying "steak, steak, steak," but it should have been aiming for the seafood instead. Oh well, lesson learned. It was good, but I think next time we'll have to get the seafood platter.

After dinner we walked downstairs to the Lyric Theatre . For this night we were seeing the live performance of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert the musical, which is based on the film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The film is very funny (plus a great chance to see Hugo Weaving before he was in The Matrix or Lord of The Rings, oh yeah, in drag!). Another huge treat was Michael Caton who I had just watched in The Castle played 'Bob' in the live production of Priscilla. A huge treat indeed. The show was beyond funny and would have been worth the trip to Sydney alone. Wow.

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