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Tourney Time At Jake's


The All In Game

I'd been meaning to catch one of the poker nights at Jake's Diner, but last night I finally decided to get my monkey butt in gear and make it happen. With the news of a juicy tournament coming up I decided that was enough motivation.

I wasn't sure if the sign-in process was going to fill up fast and be hard to get in on, so I got there early and was numero uno on the list. Of course I was so early that I had time to leave and come back later to play. I felt sort of bad because I was hungry and I love Jake's hamburgers, but I had eaten hamburgers the two previous dinners. Obviously poor planning on my part.

I arrived back around 6:15 and took a seat at one of the tables. Prior to coming in the building I saw the Newschannel 21 car in the parking lot and thought, "breaking news if I ever saw it".

I was seated at a table with an older gentleman, who saw Keisha Burns with the camera.

"I don't want to be on the TV", he promptly stated, "What channel are you from anyway?".

"Channel Five" she responded.

"Good, I hate that Z21 station. Especially that Molly Hendrickson when she laughs about serious stories...[he went on and on and on]"

I could see the camera moving further and further away as he continued to rant. For some reason that part didn't make the evening news. Go figure.

Lyle of Jake's, was at the table I was playing at, along with five others and myself. This was a qualifying night, and basically I needed to win the table to move on to tonight's finale. Of course the good news was the any players that were already qualified were not counted, thus, there were only four of us playing for the spot.

The gentleman who ripped Z21 quickly took the chip lead, and was one of the players I needed to beat. Thankfully he made some bad calls and after being in a dominating position, and fell to a meager chip stack and finally busted out. Of course the other two players I needed to beat went out earlier, so a little over an hour into it, I was qualified. Diner Life recaps a bit as well.

So, tonight is the big night. I slipped in at the last possible moment, and I have no experience over most of the players, so it should be interesting. The biggest question: sunglasses or not?

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Jake said:

Go Groucho Marx glasses/mask, if you got it. ;-)

Good luck! I've been meaning to hit one of those tournaments.

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