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Day 87: Time To Keep Going


Sell Out

So, in my last blog about poker, I stated that this would not be a blog about poker. So, with that said, there's a poker tourney for bloggers who might or might not write about poker. However, I'm sure if any of those bloggers do well (or not) there will be many blogs about poker and this might be one. Clear as mud?

Poker Tournament

Wesley Crusher is going down!

So, last year I was pushing hard to hit 90 days of commuting to work via my bicycle. The weather got damn cold, but I pushed on and made it. Now, most people might think that 90 days sounds like nothing. 30 days in a month, piece of cake. Well, not so fast, these are working days. If you are lucky you get about 22 days in a month. Factor in holidays, days off (vacations, sick days, etc..), flat tires, etc, etc, etc, and you can see that it takes dedication.

This year I got an early start back in April. I was on a torrid pace, and honestly if stuff like vacations didn't happen this would be a mute point. However, since three-weeks off in Australia did happen, I'm closing in on 90 days, rather than blowing it away. Now, this year I could simply hit 90 days next week and pack it in. I mean, come on, everyday it gets colder and nastier out, but with Daylight Savings Time pushed back a week, I can see that 100 days is within my sites. Crazy? Perhaps. Two years ago I hit 94 days, so hitting 100 would be sweet. Personal records are made to be broken.

Of course I look at the weather forecast and say 'yuck!'. That's how it goes, whoever said it say supposed to be easy?

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Brad said:

What's your screen name? Mine is homersolo.

monkeyinabox said:

Well that went so-so. I did bust out after Wil Wheaton. ;)

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