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Day 90: Clear Skies And No Frost On My Nose


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Well, just as planned I hit day 90 on my number of days I have commuted via my bike to work. Last year, I didn't hit that mark until ten days later, and I remember it being absolutely freezing. I'm sure in my push towards triple digits, I am going to hit the cold weather soon enough.

The low-point of the riding season had to be day 88, on Monday. The morning ride was no biggie, but the ride home featured rain and wind. Of course I had an extra errand to run on the way home, which made my ride even longer. In the five minutes it took to pedal to the bank, I was already soaked. Given the fact that rain in Bend is fairly rare, I have no fenders, which means when it actually does rain, your backside gets wet.

Oh well, so I road like hell and went as fast as I could. At the Franklin underpass I chose to take the pedestrian tunnel, and found a gang of freaky looking tattooed punks. They were taking cover in the tunnel, and they saw me coming. They basically got to the side of the walls and I prayed that I didn't hit anyone. I slowed way down to be safe, but wondered if I'd need to use any my ninja skills if any funny business occurred. Nope. So, I continued my way home all wet. That sucked.

Yesterday was much much much better. I saw about four other cyclists out on my ride home. Usually I feel like it's pretty rare to see many other people out biking (even in the Summer) so this time of the year is more of a surprise. There's also a difference between the ones you choose to and the ones who have to. Yes, on those really cold and windy days the car looks very tempting. On my ride this morning it was all head-wind and it sucks. Of course it gives me motivation to keep pushing and not give up. Why? It's will power, it's determination, it's commitment, and it's tough. Who said it was supposed to be easy?

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