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Day 95: Now It's Getting Cold


frickin freezing mr bigglesworth

Since the last entry it certainly has gotten a lot nastier outside. On the 18th, I simply said 'No' with the pouring rain. I pushed through the falling temperatures last Friday and was happy to see the snow the following day (being a day I didn't have to ride). The weather at least improved this week and it sort of was a bummer on Monday, since I had to drive to Eugene and skip out riding on such a good day. Tuesday and Wednesday were good, but yesterday was downright cold. The ride home was absolutely freezing with the wind. I think of all things you can encounter on a ride, the wind is the most irritating. Yesterday, not only was it blowing in my face the whole time, it was also bone chilling cold.

This morning I upgraded some of my base layers and made it to work without feeling too cold, despite the freezing temperatures. The wind was minimal, and I think that played a big part in making it tolerable. Today also marked day 95, which is a personal record for myself as well. Two years ago I hit 94 days, so I was happy in knowing I passed that. However, my real goal is 100 days. With the window of daylight shrinking, I've plotted that I should have no problem riding until Daylight Savings Time ends. So, that gives me next week. I need five days and I have five days. Should be no problem. The weather forecast looks good and I'm ready to keep pushing on. So close....

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