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Day 98: Boo


The horror.   The horror

I guess I failed to mention that yesterday was free taco day at Taco Bell thanks to Jacoby Ellsbury with his stolen base in in game two of the World Series. And since that it's over, you can thank me. A free taco from Taco Bell is like riding your bike with your mouth open: it's free and you get a mouthful of surprises every time.

Speaking of riding, today marks day 98. Damn it was cold this morning. Well, not super cold, but cold enough. The ground was covered with frost and that's usually a sign that it's cold. The fact that the sun doesn't poke out until about 7:45 doesn't help either. This is also the first time I've ever biked to work on Halloween and tomorrow will mark the first commute in November. Granted that the trails off the beaten path are great this time of year, the daily morning commute is cold and dark. Blah.

I did some number punching to look at my riding patterns over the last three years. Here are the average number of days I commuted to work each month:

April = 6.0 days
May = 8.0 days
June = 15.3 days
July = 14.7 days
August = 15.3 days
September = 16.0 days
October = 18.7 days

Granted I had a big vacation this year during the warm months, but still October is my best month? Crazy indeed. I knew September would be good since it's our Bike Commute Challenge month, but October? I guess it's usually the month where I hit my 90 day benchmark, but beyond that it's not exactly the best month for riding. Every year I use it as motivation for next year to start earlier and ride often so that when October rolls around I can sit back and laugh at the cold days. Hmmmmmmmm... I guess that plan hasn't been working.

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Missy said:

Woot! Two more days and you meet your goal!! Sooo close! Congratulations!

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