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No Way To Escape


Be very very AFRAID!

So, I was hiding out, trying to think of a plan, or some way to avoid the impending situation. What situation did I want to avoid, might you ask? Well, well, sit down and take a nice sip of your frothy latte.

Today marks Tuesday, November 20th, which is two-days prior to Thanksgiving. For many many years (usually), up until this point you could almost forget the upcoming holidays. Sure, on Thanksgiving the 50-pound newspaper would be delivered and throughout the day if you had the television on, you'd see the advertisements for the day-after sales. There were unwritten rules, and people followed them. You do know that without rules, we have anarchy, so don't diss the rules.

Do you remember the days when none of this started until the day after Thanksgiving? Yep, it feels like a distant memory now. For a few years merchants pushed the date forward and soon enough it was the day after Halloween. Heck, Costco puts out the Christmas merchandise out in August. People, the rules are no more! Honestly, the last time I was in Costco I wanted to ask when the Valentines Day stuff would be out, but I held back.

So, here we are a few days prior to Thanksgiving. Sure, the ads and sales have been going on already for weeks. However, everyone knows that the Friday after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, and the day you NEED to shop. Blah! What it really means is it's officially the time of the year where parking lots are always full, traffic is worse than ever, and if you forget to buy something at the store, you simply forget about it, rather than go back and stand in another line that is too long.

I guess a simple fact is that you can't avoid it. Maybe if you moved out of the city and lived in a cave and hunted for you food you could, but for the rest of us, there's no hope. Stick a candy cane between your teeth and grin, suck it up, be jolly, be merry, and chug that egg nog. Ho, Ho, Ho.

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Dave Goodman said:

Heh. I hadn't noticed.

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