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Christmas Came Early, She Said Yes



Yes is certainly better than, "Let me think about it", or "I'll get back to you". Yes is always better than No. Yes seems to be easier to say with a smile than with a frown. Of course this yes came with a smile that left no doubt.

Of course I had to break the bad news, "No, you don't get the t-shirt though. You didn't use an SUV to get to the top."

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keeneye said:

I need more clarification --

Did you propose wearing a T-shirt that asked Will You Marry Me?

We all need more details than this, MonkeyMan.

Lyle said:


Dingo said:


Now I want the t-shirt:

"I had to climb to the top, to get my rock!"


Oh my, we could barely stand up it was so windy, but who needs to be standing when you've been swept off your feet... and would you believe a rainbow popped out, of course that meant there was a bit of rain too, but who cares when you've already been melted to a puddle!



Brad said:

Congrats. So, you walk with her at High School, and 15 years or so later, you finally get around to asking her?

Speaking of high school... remember Matt, friend of David from the math lab? Ran into him randomly the other night. He works at intel.

strauss said:

COngratulations and celebrations. Happiness to you both XX

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