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2008 just do it

The end of the year typically brings lists. Lists of things that were great, lists of things that we no-so-great and lists of things to do in the new year and things not to do. There's reflection on the past year and also looking into the upcoming year. There's hopes and dreams, and there's regrets and joyous moments to look back upon.

Truly everyone has years in their lives that are forgettable. Seriously, look back and list what happened over every year of your life. Do some years come up blank? Sometimes that's a good thing, because it means that life just moved along fine and dandy, or perhaps it's a bad thing, meaning that life was going nowhere and you felt more asleep than awake.

2007 was truly an unforgettable year for the monkey. It certainly wasn't all good, or all bad, rather having an extreme mix of highs and lows. I guess you could say, I kept it real. Some things ended and some people are gone, while some things started and new people were introduced into my life. Some habits and traditions are over, while new ones began. I experienced some new places, while visited some for the last time (perhaps). Change isn't always easy, but it's inevitable.

Well, the predictions for 2008 and for more of the same. Hopefully, more of the highs and fewer of the lows. 2007 is going out with a bang and I'm looking forward to starting 2008 with one. I'm ready to just do it.

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