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Cheap Date Nights

There's something nice about a good thing such as good political reform:

New changes to the Oregon Government Ethic Law (Senate Bill 10) limit the amount of money anyone, either administratively for legislatively, may spend on meals for an elected official to $50 per year. If you, as a business are serving on an area Board of Directors, and like having lunch with the Mayor to discuss issues important to your business or to the organization in which you're a Director, be aware the Mayor cannot have you spend more than $50 annually to take him to lunch. Given the price of a typical lunch in Bend, that would mean you're limited to three to four lunch meetings annually. Additionally, elected officials are required to file reports with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission quarterly, versus annually, under previous rules.

So, if you require more than the occasional lunch meeting, drastic measures are in order! Expect to see more suits hitting Del Taco on Taco Tuesdays and grabbing bags of double cheeseburgers at McDonalds, and if Mayor McCheese runs for office, you'll know why.

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