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The Other Side Of Take Out Is Mildew On Rice


Some like it HOT HOT HOT

Looking at the 10-day weather forecast you see nothing but days in the triple digits. Hot, with more hot and a chance of hotter. If the air-conditioner is on the fritz it makes the evening even more lethargic after a long day. At night it might cool down to the mid-seventies, but you know the relief is only brief and inconvenient. Don't forget the hat and drink plenty of water. The daily drill is predictable and repetitive.

Extreme differences indeed.

There's probably a slim chance of getting frostbite there or a sunburn here. For some, the sound of ice-cream sounds really good and for others a mug of hot chocolate.

Speaking of things hot, I was intrigued by the review on Bend Oregon Restaurants for The Speedshop Full Throttle Deli. Nothing too special really, until you get to the part about The Nuke Sauce:

Nuke Sauce? What about this nuke paste I heard so much about? They charge me about $0.75 for the first gear. They will go up to 6 gears. If you get 6 gears they will give you a free soda. The owner explains that the nuke paste is a blend of chillies and peppers with some other goodies. Each gear he basically adds more of this paste. 1st gear is a thin layer on the bottom, 2nd gets a layer on top, then its just more and more until you get to 6th gear where you get about 3 tablespoons of the paste.

Now, I love things that are hot. Spicy mustard, horseradish sauce, hot sauce and jalapenos. Heck, I used to put habanero sauce on my tuna fish. I like my sauce and I like it hot!

Even writing this I can feel my lips tingling. At one point during the second half of the smoking hot Roost, I lost feeling to the left corner of my mouth. I was sweating. I asked for a second napkin as my nose was running so much I needed a separate napkin just for it.

Holy crap! Nose running hotness! That's good stuff indeed.

I received more props as we head downstairs from the other owner and her friend who's working on the front window display. High fives around, and I leave feeling like a rock star. I'm hooked. 6th gear! I dare you.

Is that a dare or a double-dog dare? Either way, I need to check out this place this weekend. And there's no question in my mind about which gear I'll be stepping into.

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Bend Oregon Restaurants said:

"Nothing too special really..." Ouch. I'd like to think all my comments/posts are special, really REALLY special.

"I used to put habanero sauce on my tuna fish." - Used to? I mix in Chahula into mine as well as pour some on each bite. Chahula on pizza and on tuna (at seperate times of course) is awesome.

It's just a dare, I'll save the double-dog dares for the next time. Sounds like you really do enjoy the heat so you'll be able to handle the 6th gear just fine. Tell em BOR sent ya.

I can't wait to hear your opinion of the Nuke Paste.


monkeyinabox said:

Ahhhhh.. sorry, I meant the menu didn't sound too special (not your review).

With the tuna, I just haven't had any in a long time. Got burnt out. Had too much of the stuff. Yes, I keep the Tabasco always within reach.

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