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If You Want The Local News Then Get Out Of Town


Huh? What?

Tell me this. Why is it I'm sitting in a McMenamins in Portland, pick up a copy of the free newspaper Willamette Week with Zetaman on the cover and find more about upcoming Bend concerts than anywhere else? Now, I didn't pick up the latest Source, but tell me this, is there a full-page ad for these upcoming shows in May?

If not, here's the scoop which isn't listed on the sites above:

Saturday May 24: Death Cab For Cutie, The Decemberists and Rogue Wave

Sunday May 25 Modest Mouse, The National and The Breeders

The show on the 23rd is listed on all the other sites, but why not these? Unbelievable. Looks like the Summer Concert Series might not suck after all.

[UPDATE] When in doubt, I should have gone to my real source of music news. Sunday is starting to look a little thin if only one out of three is confirmed.

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mrs h said:

Because Modest Mouse isn't actually a confirmed show. Right now, just a rumor.

monkeyinabox said:

Based on the advertisement, I would be surprised if it isn't true. You don't advertise full-page rumors.

tigersmile said:

There was a story in The Bulletin on Tuesday, the day after the initial announcement.

A full-page ad and a small story ran in the Source on Wednesday.

And two more stories ran in The Bulletin on Friday and Saturday updating the situation after Monqui backpedaled on the announcement.

Does that count as information "anywhere else"?

Do you read The Bulletin?

tigersmile said:

Just noticed the title of this post.

That you would say that given the local coverage I just cited ... now *that* is unbelievable.

Mrs. H said:

A birdie told me the promoters pulled the full page in the Source because it wasn't confirmed or they didn't have anything signed. Let's just say, the source at The Source is pretty reliable.

tigersmile said:

monkeyinabox: No response?

Mrs. H: If the promoters pulled the full page ad in the Source, why did it run?

monkeyinabox said:

tigersmile: No, I didn't see The Bulletin's story and it's not available online (tisk tisk).

Did finally get a copy of the latest Source which has the same ad.

What's up with Modest Mouse? I mean, the last time they backed out it was some lame thing about having to finish their album. ;) Come to Bend already.

tigersmile said:

Perhaps your "real source of music news" should've been the local newspaper that had the story first? (Before Pitchfork.)

Not to mention the local newspaper that published the most current/correct info first. (Four/five days before the alt.weekly published its correction.)

You seem to be missing/ignoring the fact that the local daily had a story on the (mistaken) announcement 24 hours after it was made, and then corrected the promoters' error a couple days later.

Hint: Open your local newspaper before complaining that you learn more about local music in Portland or online than "anywhere else."

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