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Modest Mouse Has Been In Bend Twice . . . . . On Paper


Twice Upon A Time

So the newest Source is out with a brand new Memorial Day weekend concert lineup. Well, Sunday is absent from the latest ad. Now we have Mates Of State coming as well. Rogue Wave was moved, which is no complaint by me. I really like MOS, so Saturday is a definite show to see. The Breeders still have their appearance listed on their site, so I'm guessing that's still on. Seriously, since a few were advertised without being confirmed, I say Bendconcerts goes ahead and says Radiohead is coming. It would be awesome...on paper.

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mocephus said:

Modest Mouse will happen. Don't sweat it.

Oh, and Rogue Wave kicks Mates of State's arse.

Mrs. H said:

Did you hear the one about Wilco coming to the Four Peaks Music Festival?

I could have sworn that my birdie told me the ad for Modest Mouse never ran in the Source and I thought I sent you the Pitchfork article but I guess I didn't.

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