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Boy, Am I A Slacker


fond memories

Today marks my 5-year anniversary on this site. It also marks post number 600, and since this is known as 'the daily banana', it means I slacked off 1,225 days (give or take with leap year). I guess that could have been another thousand posts on roundabouts, but I think I did that justice already.

It's fun at times to look back and see the beginnings and how I got to where I am now. Certainly a lot has changed in my life during this. It's also refreshing to seeing a future wide open with possibilities. I guess that's much better than reaching a milestone and saying "blah, more of the same with a bleak outlook ahead". No thanks, says I.

What have I learned? Don't write about pit bulls, don't play poker against 12-year olds, monkey wagons in parades rock, people love t-shirts, roundabouts truly affect you, and people still don't know how to properly drive in roundabouts .

Well, certainly I've learned more than just that, but the best part is I can go back and no matter what I have no regrets, and since I am not in jail or under house arrest, I can say that I think that trend can continue. To The Future! Cheers!

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