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What Day Is It? Friday? Wrong!



Well, it might be Friday, but there's more to it than simply that.

First up, who steals candy from my desk? Amazing. Earlier in the week we had a product rep. doing a presentation and he made it slightly more interesting by offering candy as prizes for answering questions. I answered one and got some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. They were on my desk, but today when I looked for them, they were gone.

Hmmmmmmmm.... The cleaning crew was in Wednesday night and I was busy enough yesterday that I might have failed to look for my candy. My desk is also a bit messy currently. It doesn't matter how digital you try to make your life, paper just won't go away and when you have pieces that are 24 inches by 36 inches all over the place it makes for even more of a mess.

The truth is we have candy in the office anyway and I try to avoid it as much as possible, so the fact that it is gone isn't all bad, but the question is who's the dirty-rotten scoundrel who took it? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Well, it's not 'who stole my candy day', but rather a time to reflect on the past. Back in my slightly younger years (not that I'm that old mind you), I was engrossed in the gangsta-rap world. Yep, I knew the lingo and possessed a strength of street knowledge. There's a point in time where you wonder if you are always going to embrace the same things as you did when you were younger.

In some ways you might still be able to tolerate it, and in some ways maybe you've moved on and no longer have a need for it. Well, with music I think you always have a bit of it inside you. Perhaps you haven't heard a certain song for a long time, but when you do, it all comes back to you.

That comes to the title of this post. While it's easy to move on at times, there's certain things in life that you know you will always hold on to. Well, I wondered how my past love of gangsta rap would change with a daughter or a more professional life. Simply put, thankfully someone else did this so I didn't have to, because I could have made this as well. What day is today? It's N.W.A. day!

Yep. That's how it is when you get a little older and things change, but in some ways things never change.

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