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week two begins

Enter week two of my bike-commuting for the year. Last week went pretty well and I put in four days, taking one off to rest my legs. After a week of climbing Pilot Butte three times and riding to work four, I found myself on Friday needing an "off-day". Of course Friday was the nicest weather during most of the week, but that's how it goes.

Today I geared up and got on the bike despite the freezing temperatures. In my books, the low 30's are nothing much to worry about. Later in the season when the Fahrenheit dips below 20 is when I start to rethink my options. So, week two is on. The forecast is looking good and last week honestly the most irritating factor was the wind. Seriously, it didn't matter which direction I was heading on some of those days because I always had a nasty head-wind. I think if I could find a place that had moderate temperatures and ZERO wind, I might just move there.

The weekend itself was, well mostly, uneventful. On Saturday, after a day of resting my legs, I walked the Butte again. The weather was almost too nice to be believable. Sunday was Mother's Day and the first year of having that holiday since my mom passed away last year. Sort of odd when you drive by the stores or see the ads in the newspaper advertising the day. I have been at peace with it all, but the day still was a reminder of how life is something you should never take for granted.

Sunday was also the Cascade Chainbreaker bike race. While I was not involved in the event in any shape or form, I thought it would be a good chance to get some mountain bike action photos. The weather was nice in the morning, so I didn't even need to grab my jacket. No jacket in May? Madness.

I could probably describe the event with one word: dusty. Some of my photos look almost like they were shot during a war (with smoke and grittiness). I could probably reprocess them and go black and white and add some scars and they would fit right in. Overall, it was pretty good and if my bike was a little more suited for trails and such I might have been more motivated to enter. I put the photos I shot from the race on Flickr, so take a peak. [Update: photos are up]

That's all to report for now. Happy Monday.

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keeneye said:

Your photos make me want to cough! The dust is incredible.

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