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This Has Nothing To Do With Sex & The City


What do three men and a moose have to do with SATC?

It has come to my attention that there is a movie coming out in the near future that is based on the popular HBO series Sex & The City. I could come out and state that I have interests invested into this series, but they might not be what you would consider typical.

I've noticed that over the seasons, a lot of actors that I like the work of have been involved in the series. So, if they think it's all-good, then it's hard for me to disagree (well that's the story I'm sticking to). Let me explain...

Chris Noth will always been known to me for his work on Law & Order. That show has featured so many cast changes over the years, but his work as Detective Mike Logan was good and he was one of the original cast members. The truth in a television series is that when anyone has to replace an actor there's always lofty shoes to fill. No easy task, and Noth set the bar high.

For his role as Mr Big in SATC, he continued his undercover work. Seriously, you didn't even know the guys name and it was never spoken and it was finally revealed in the last episode on SJP's cell phone's caller ID. There was never a moment when I didn't expect to find Big discovering a dead body in SJP's closet behind the Manolo Blahnik shoes, or perhaps a hidden stash of drugs (which isn't so far off-base after her fried chicken episode). I was waiting for him to pull out the badge and cuffs and put Miss Bradshaw behind bars. It never happened, but it keep the suspense high. Now, that's what I call drama.


John Corbett is probably more known for his Applebee's voice-overs these days, but back in the 1990's he was known as Chris Stevens on Notherrn Exposure. That series was probably one of the better things to happen to Alaska besides oil and, well, oil. He was good and his work since then has been juicy good.

With his role as Aidan Shaw he was good, too good in fact. The show seemed to be more about people with flaws and he seemed to have too few, well except for his attitude as an actor. I'm guessing his Applebee's contract was juicier than their steaks, because this big movie star doesn't seem to be listed in the credits for this big movie. Interesting. Of course SJP only liked picking the wrong men, and when she got the right one she had no clue as what to do. Move on Mr Steak-at-a-reasonable-price-guy, it was the best thing that happend to you.


Ron Livingston was brilliant as Peter Gibbons in the movie Office Space. You could pull out your Jump to Conclusions Mat and try to figure out where I am going here, but since you don't have one, I'll have to go on.

His role as Jack Berger was interesting. You could see him constantly struggling to reprise his sarcastic role as Peter Gibbons in every episode he appeared in. I think he saw that every second he spent with SJP was a second wasted that he could have been watching kung-fu. Well, seriously he couldn't have reprised his Office Space role any better with his post-it note breakup. Doesn't get any more office related than that, seriously.


David Duchovny was only appeared in SATC for one episode, but it's hard not to want to watch the moves of Fox Mulder closely. He was the high-school sweetheart of SJP who went crazy later in life. In some ways he could have truly embraced this and accused SJP of being extra terrestrial. She had some pairs of shoes and outfits that were other-worldly. Well, Carrie was no Scully, so Fox had to move on to better things or bigger conspiracies. Interestingly enough there's another X-Files movie only a couple of months off. I'm better SPJ doesn't make an appearance and that's why Duchovny isn't going to pop up in the SATC movie either. It makes sense, but it's still crazy.


James Remar's character of Richard Wright, had little to do with SJP, but his bad-boy persona worked just fine in the series. I think I gained my appreciation for his work post-SATC, even though I think SATC gave him the attention he needed. His role as Jonah Prowse on Jericho was good and I think his general ill-tempered character just needed Samantha around, but then again nuclear bombs and red dresses don't go well together.


Kyle MacLachlan (saving the best for last) was given the role of Trey MacDougal. Since most of my references have been from the work these actors did during the 1990's I'll stay there. No Dune or Blue Velvet references for this one. I'll skip to the series that dropped several Bend, Oregon references (how can you not dig TV shows that mention where you live more than once?): Twin Peaks.

Special Agent Dale Cooper was truly optimistic toward the beauty in the world, but it might have been biased by the number of donuts he consumed. Damn, the metabolism in Twin Peaks was simply amazing. I would bet that any office that had about 50 donuts to eat everyday would have been filled with more staff requiring a visit to Weight Watchers, rather than solve crimes.

I was a bit let down that when Trey MacDougal resorted to men's magazines he didn't go with the retro Flesh World magazine, but I guess since David Lynch wasn't involved, the theme was a bit lighter. Come to think about it, if Lynch had been involved with SATC, I'm almost guessing that most of my comments about the actors overall might have come true. Spooky: Sex and The Dark City. After making Robert Blake scary as hell in Lost Highway I think he could make about anyone creepy. Wait a sec, Robert Blake is creepy. Nevermind.


Well, I had been planning to leave the country to see this film, but my plan fell apart. So, I figured rather than have some other blogger spot me at the theater, I would preempt them with this posting. I'm still holding out that Mr Big finds some deep dirty secret about Carrie Bradshaw (drugs in the shoes) and the wedding angle is nothing more than a plan to get the dirt on her. I guess I'll have to watch to find out.

I guess the title of this post was a little misleading, but did you expect me to just come out and say that I'm looking forward to the movie? As if...

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