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Walk It Off Part Deux


I walk alone

Some like it hot, and some like it not. These weekend was a bit of a shock to the system. This is where you can queue in Peter Gabriel's Shock The Monkey. When you go from having to scrape frost off your windshield and snow flurries less than a month ago to temperatures nearing triple digits it's not always easy to adapt to. It felt hot and it was hot, not just a relative hot. Hell, I saw a car with Arizona plates on driving around with the A/C on.

Heading into the weekend, I was continuing on my B and B quest. The B and B is the bike and butte quest. On my second week back on the bike, I could tell things were feeling good, but at the end of the week I checked my average speed and I eclipsed my best average speed record. Now, usually I get into a grove during the season and can tell my legs are getting stronger and thus my average speed creeps up, but this was only week two. I guess it's never too early to cry "game on!".

Over the last month I've also made a habit of walking Pilot Butte on a regular basis. Well, earlier in the year when it was still cold and icy, I was feeling cooped up and needed some exercise. In part one I started the more recent process and ever since then I have kept it going. The process? Well, exercising both the body and mind.

Everyone has some reason or another for walking the butte. I've watched people run, bike, walk and crawl up. Many people bring their dogs. Most people have headphones on. Some people walk in friendly groups or are in organized class-like groups. A few weeks ago I watched a group coming down with everyone extending their arms like birds. I almost waited to see if they were going to try and run off the edge and take flight.

Everyone has their reasons, and truly back in the day I never remember ever seeing this many people on the butte, of course I was never on it as much as I have been lately. Maybe that's why. Well, for myself I started up a ritual: Put the headphones on, play an album on the iPod and go. I go up the dirt trail, and I don't stop. I never stop at the benches and no one walking ever passes me up. A few runners zip by on occasion, and honestly I have little desire to go that fast.

When I reach the top, I double-step it up the steps, walk to the center and say five words out loud. I don't stop, I walk down the steps on the other side and head down, this time on the road. I leave my water in the car parked in parking lot at the base, so the faster I get down, the faster I can have some. No time for pleasantries at the summit.

Over the last month, the weather has varied quiet a bit. Sometimes it's been windy, there's been snow flurries and this last weekend it was crazy hot. I've found that since I've set my mind to it, it doesn't matter. I just do it. I haven't reached the point of feeling like I've had enough, or reached my goal, so I'll keep on, keeping on.

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