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I'm An Architect Series: Part 3


Not everyone looks good in black

As previously mentioned, my professional ranking in the world moved up a notch. Now, of course I could walk around handing out business cards, but in this day and age of technology it only makes sense to embrace it and let it do the work for you. Well, that's the theory at least.

James Stamp from Life Without Buildings came up with a brilliant set of cards that gives advice on how to work "I'm an architect" into casual conversations (as displayed in the image above this entry). For six weeks I will do a weekly piece that explains how I relate to each situation displayed in the cards.

Week Three: Fire a preemptive strike

This is a bit of like trying to catch a fish. You can't expect all of the fish to simply jump into your boat. You have to bait your hook and cast your line. However, once this has been set in motion it's clearly a foolproof plan. The realization of the cool factor by playing this card can be seen in exhibit A:

Yep, that's how the public sees us. Even if you've never dealt with an architect in real life, you've most likely dealt with a fictional one. Mike Brady didn't have the egotistical poise of Frank Gehry, but he worked the 70's for all it was worth:

That groovy, split-level home (still one of the most distinct residences in television history), complete with his own, private office space. A wise and caring father. A trendy wardrobe and killer hairdo. Not-infrequent appearances by pop stars, athletes and other celebrities at his door. Plenty of time off for extended vacations to Hawaii and the Grand Canyon.

I think some of the best advice I got out of high school was back in my drafting class. The teacher saw the wide-eyed students sitting before him and promptly proclaimed "You know, not everyone here will go on to college, or become an architect or engineer. But, that's okay, we need people to work in other fields".

Yep, he made it clear that if you didn't go on to architecture, it was okay, because we needed people in other jobs (like lawyers) in the world. Someone had to do it. Back when every other teacher was talking about the importance of your SAT scores and your grades, this was a real eye opener. Even if you ended up in some other non-cool profession, it was okay.

Obviously, I didn't buy that line. I had my plan set and kept down the path. Become a lawyer? I think not.

Well, this card has been played. Don't feel bad. It's okay. I understand, not everyone looks good in black.

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