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Yes Virginia, you should have seen it coming

The warm weather came and the warm weather went. Yesterday's bike commute was cold and windy. I think it was more of a shock to the system to go from the high sixties to the high nineties than back to the high fifties. Today's sunshine was at least a treat, since the weather forecast I looked at last night predicted rain.

Yesterday morning, the ride in was good. I pushed it hard and actually rode through a downtown speed trap. The motorcycle officer said "nineteen" as I passed. Not bad, since I was on an incline. I do wonder if I had been riding in the high twenties if he would have busted me, since the posted speed limit was 20. Probably not. The ride home didn't go as well. About halfway home I hit a piece of green glass. My rear tire exhaled like a deflating balloon and I made it about three blocks before I saw riding it the rest of the way home was fruitless.

Thankfully, I pack a small pump and my repair kit. The truth is, the best repairs are always done at home in a controlled environment. On the road, you never know what you have to deal with. My hands were quickly blackened by the dirty rear wheel and tire. I lucked out because my patch kit at first glance looked empty, but I had one patch left. Wew.

The delay caused me to get home later than I had hoped in order to return downtown later for the Ride of Silence to honor the cyclists who have been hurt or killed. So, rather than do that, I had my ride of profanities on the way home. There's never a good time for a flat, so I guess I can be thankful that I had a secluded place to do the repair.

Last week was a major success with my speed record, and I think the hot weather helped. This week the wind has been nasty and a tire with less than ideal tire pressure hasn't helped either. Cold weather, wind, and mechanical issues. Sounds like something par for the course. Bring it on!

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