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Does The Conversation Always Have To Involve The Weather?


Talk about the weather

So, this is June?

Last week was a complete wash (in the literal sense) for my bicycle commuting. Rain, rain and more &%$#$ rain. There were a few days that I needed to drive anyway, but it rained those days as well. Blah!

My right knee also decided to start being a bit achy. I think my knee despises the rain. It’s not that I’m old and achy or anything, but when I was going to school in Eugene, I would get an achy knee when the rains started to pour. Let's just say I was happy to get the heck out of Dodge when I had the chance. Eugene is not known for being dry. The valley is low and wet, and the desert is high and dry. That’s the theory at least.

Last weekend I saw the sun peak out briefly on Saturday and decided to take advantage of it’s brief appearance and walk Pilot Butte. This week didn't start out much better. Rain for Monday and Tuesday, so no biking on those days. On Tuesday evening the sun peaked out again, and I went back and walked up Pilot Butte again. It was still windy and maybe I actually had the wind behind me, because I walked up in a brisk 15-minutes flat.

Yesterday, I finally got back on the bike. The morning was brisk, but clear at least. Of course the ride home was windy, and as I previously mentioned it's always a damn head wind on a bike. I checked out the website before I headed home from work and it reported 18mph winds. Yuck in the cyber sense and double yuck in the actual riding sense.

Today marked day two riding for the week. Of course the temperature dropped back into the low 40's for the morning. No shorts today, in fact I busted out the facemask as well. Blah, but this is typical June weather for you. Don't worry, soon enough everyone will be complaining about the heat. The four seasons, excuse me, I mean the two seasons we experience in Central Oregon truly give us something to always talk about. Can you imagine how boring it much be to live in San Diego?

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brentc said:

Yah, the weather is tough to go out and just cruise around in lately. Been packing a rain coat in my gear back for my commute.

Got soaked on a Saturday cruise the other weekend and wore shorts and jersey the next day and soaked in sweat.

Keeps things from being the same.

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