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I'm An Architect Series: Part 5


Being green is often inconvenient

As previously mentioned, my professional ranking in the world moved up a notch. Now, of course I could walk around handing out business cards, but in this day and age of technology it only makes sense to embrace it and let it do the work for you. Well, that's the theory at least.

James Stamp from Life Without Buildings came up with a brilliant set of cards that gives advice on how to work "I'm an architect" into casual conversations (as displayed in the image above this entry). For six weeks I will do a weekly piece that explains how I relate to each situation displayed in the cards.

Week Five: Play the "Green" Card

Being green or promoting sustainability is certainly a popular subject these days. It's safe to assume that Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth helped push this issue further into the mainstream's consciousness. While the truth is that you don't have to be an architect to pursue or promote sustainability, it is one of the professions that allows you to do that. Green lawyers? Nope. Green Doctors? Nope.

Don't get me wrong that this is some sort of race to see who can be the "most green" either. It's a bit unrealistic to expect every aspect of your life to be fully beneficial or completely harmless to Mother Earth, but there is the potential to do better and be better. Wew! The green soapbox is easy to stand upon, that's for sure, but it does feel good to be in a place to do something about it as well.

Since this site isn't going to change into a blog just about sustainability, I'll point you towards one that truly does focus on it: Inhabitant

The truth is, the more you find out about the benefits of sustainability, you start to expect everyone else to get it as well, or at least care about it. Gas prices are too high? Fine, but expect the auto industry to design vehicles that don't use gas or get much better gas mileage (sorry, but 35mpg highway hardly excites me). Energy bills too high? No big deal, but expect better design that has your home being more energy efficient and finding ways to rely less on traditional systems of powering your home.

I would say I take a less preachy stance on this in a day to day basis, but the idea of "living off the grid", different building materials and non-conventional construction are what get my juices flowing. Sure, that's not for everyone, and the truth is that people who expect everything to always remain the same will be disappointed. Inconvenient indeed.

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