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How Do You Like Those Tomatoes?


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You can't get a BLT these days AND gas is around $4.25 a gallon. What is this world coming to? With the recent salmonella tomato outbreak and oil pushing $135 a barrel your luck sucks big time if you drove 25 miles to get your favorite sandwich only to be turned down. Thankfully, I neither drove today or went in search of a BLT.

Ever since the gas prices have been on the rise, I've noticed more and more people riding bicycles around town. The scary part is that I've also seen many without a helmet on. Now, I know that the law only requires you to wear one if you are under 18 years of age, but there should be some common sense here. Would you drive around without a seat belt on and feel safe? When I ride my bike I am always on the lookout for the driver who isn't paying attention, or is about to cut me off. It happens, and all it takes is one smack of your head on the pavement and BAM: brain damage.

Of course when I was younger there was no helmet law, and I never wore one until I was seventeen. I crashed many times, I ran into the side of a car, I went over the handlebars on asphalt, in fact if there was a bike accident to be had, I had it. By all accounts, I should be dead. Proof that you can live without a helmet, but would I want to go through all of that again without one? Nope. Never.

So, next week is Commute Options Week and I suspect this year you might see more people not driving mostly because of the high gas prices. I also suspect that you'll see plenty of helmet-less bikers out and about. Be careful, because if you think the price of gas is high, the bill you'll get from St. Charles will make that look like peanuts if you don't watch out for yourself.

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