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I'm An Architect Series : Part 6


Architect love

As previously mentioned, my professional ranking in the world moved up a notch. Now, of course I could walk around handing out business cards, but in this day and age of technology it only makes sense to embrace it and let it do the work for you. Well, that's the theory at least.

James Stamp from Life Without Buildings came up with a brilliant set of cards that gives advice on how to work "I'm an architect" into casual conversations (as displayed in the image above this entry). For six weeks I will do a weekly piece that explains how I relate to each situation displayed in the cards.

Week Six: Online Dating

The internet has truly changed the world in many ways and I don't think it's changing back. Email, MP3s, Blogs and Online Dating are here to stay. Some offer convenience, and some offer better options that what we previously had before computers were commonplace in homes. I think many people in the dating world are beyond the stage where going to a bar is the best option to find your soul mate. Sure, after a few drinks, your partner might look promising, however when you later sober up, and find out they have a meth addiction, and a career of picking up soda cans on the side of the road, that you might rethink your dating strategy. Hence, the advantage of Online Dating.

Playing the I'm An Architect card here is almost required. I think at the bar it might be easier to fib a little and say whatever profession you think will get you the best results, but the truth is the truth will always come out later, and unless you're looking for Mr or Mrs Right Now, then you have to be honest. The good news is playing the card here is one of the best places you could play it.

Exhibit A: Architects Are Sexiest

Exhibit B: Eligible Professions

Exhibit C: Hot or Not - how sexy is your profession?

Not bad huh?

Dating Success

I've recently started to think that if I went back to school and earned a PHD in architecture, I could be a Doctor as well. Of course that might put me in a league too far above the playing field that I would only be in a position of having to settle. Of course life is never easy in matters of the heart, but why put up obstacles that will only make things harder?

Well, six months ago I wouldn't even thought about needing to play this card, but things change and I might be soon playing it. So, bring on the Doctors, Models, Flight Attendants, Dancers, and Musicians. International Man of Mystery? Nope, I'm An Architect.

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