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Hoodlums On Cycles, $4 Snowcones, And A Band That Claims To Be Your Daddy


Ultimate Madness

What a crazy weekend indeed. It seems that every year the events come and go, but there's always something fresh about seeing them again. Sure, the bike races are never exactly the same, neither are the bands that play, so it was worth revisiting and now it's time to kick off a recap of the madness that occurred downtown over the past few days.

First up, was The Cascade Cycling Classic which returned for it's 29th year. The longer road races aren't exactly always the best for being a spectator, but the downtown Twilight Criterium is about as good as it gets.

Downtown Madness

Not to discount the women's race, but the best race is always the last one with the pro-men. Darkness falls and the danger level increases, as the cyclists tear around the downtown streets at breakneck speeds. Seriously, these riders average about 30mph, which if you've ever tried to do on a flat street with corners, is no easy task. There's probably a reason why they sort of have this panache as they pedal with profound power.

Downtown Madness

The onlookers packed the streets and cheered and yelled as the riders passed. The obvious favorite was old-man Levi Leipheimer who finished third in last year's Tour de France. I love it when someone in sports is older than me and seems to only be getting better. It sort of gives inspiration, and with Leipheimer at 34, and myself at 33, it shows me that I still have something left in the tank, or otherwise I should have accomplished more by now. Hmmmmm...maybe that wasn't very inspirational at all.

Downtown Madness

Saturday and Sunday marked the return of the Bend Summer Festival. It's certainly a good mix of funky art, carved otters, tye-died skits and air-brushed tattoo stands. Of course there was also food booths and other goodies. As I was standing in line for a $4 snow cone, I listened to a few other people complain about the prices. Of course, this is what you tend to expect at events like this. It was almost like the scene in Pulp Fiction when Vincent Vega asks "Is that a $5 milkshake?". The snow cones were like that: good, but not worth $4.

Downtown Madness

The first band that I was interested in seeing was Two Loons For Tea. They had a good sound, plus how can you not like a band that has a song called 'Monkey'? The heat was pretty intense during their set, so it made the Renegade Rollergirls dunk tank look even more refreshing. Wait a sec...roller derby girls. Yeah, this was a family friendly event, but the Renegade Rollergirls at least kept it real.

Downtown Madness

The highlight of the evening was the concert for the Cherry Poppin Daddies. Going to school in Eugene, I was well aware of who the Daddies were, but this was actually the first time I had a chance to see them. You can insert some sort of bad pun here. Obviously, the word got out that this would be a good show, because the street was packed. There was barely room to stand, and the one-hour show was very entertaining overall, even when they were playing songs besides Zoot Suit Riot.

Downtown Madness

Well, that's it for the recap. If you would like to see my slightly less humorous and more serious photos, I took plenty. Here's links to the Flickr galleries:

Cascade Cycling Classic - Women's Downtown Criterium
Cascade Cycling Classic - Men's Downtown Criterium
Two Loons For Tea
Rengade Rollergirls dunk tank
Cherry Poppin Daddies

Until next year.

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Serial said:

OK, though, so aside from the occasional change in band roster, I'm just tired of SeasonFest. They're all the same, and I always forget that they exist, and I always get stuck in their traffic.

Anyway, why on earth pay $4 for a snow cone in sweltering downtown when you can buy a $1.50 slurpee and float the river for free?

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