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Thoughts That Go Through My Head As I Watch The Olympics



If you haven't already heard, Michael Phelps is some swimmer for team USA and is doing pretty good. Well, in all seriousness I've been more into watching the Olympics this year than most. I guess when you follow them half-heartedly, you only get half-hearted satisfaction. Now, that doesn't mean I'm putting on a Speedo and swimming goggles when I watch the swimming races on TV, but I'm paying more attention than I have in the past. Hmmm...maybe that Speedo and goggle idea isn't all bad either.

I'm thankful that in the prime-time hours NBC gives us the tape-delayed LIVE coverage. I was a bit naive at first when I thought LIVE was LIVE, until Tuesday night at the Bend Elks game when the announcer gave us an update on Phelps winning some more gold medals and then later I went home to watch him do it LIVE.

Gymnastics has never been an event I could relate to in any way. If you get my drift, there are tall swimmers, tall volleyball players, tall cyclists, and tall basketball players, but gymnasts? Nope. I was actually shocked to watch one woman gymnast who was older than me at 34. By all accounts she could have been the grandmother of most of the other quote women gymnasts unquote. Of course maybe it helped that she was only 3'-9" tall, or so it appeared.

I guess since I have avoided watching any events streamed on websites, I've missed out on the non-prime time events like ping pong, juggling and hot dog eating. I'm guessing we don't have the Michael Phelps of ping pong or those events would be in the spotlight rather than the synchronized diving events which freak me out a bit. I haven't seen two people moving in synchro as much since the Fembots in Austin Powers. Maybe they should add that to the drug testing procedure and include testing for Fembot technology.

I certainly love the extra bonus coverage on Panda Porn, but I'm not sure if I really want to know that much about Pandas. Oh well, bring it on, I'm ready for more more more.

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Jake said:

"Now, that doesn't mean I'm putting on a Speedo and swimming goggles when I watch the swimming races on TV..."

Thank goodness... ;-)

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