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So, This Is Summer?


the ultimate rip-off

Rain, high temperatures in the 70's and massive amounts of wind. What's up with this? Certainly nothing that resembles "hot August nights", rather it's more like "mild wet August that blows". Last week it was damn hot and I loved it. I was able to live in denial of the heat with my AC at work and at home. I did drive around at times with the windows down to at least keep it real, but this week what's even the point? It's like finding out Big Foot doesn't have big feet, or Chicken McNuggets use real chicken.

What a rip off, bring summer back.

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keeneye said:

I hear ya!

After an 8-month winter season, we should be due for some sort of El Nino / El Paco / El Somethingo that keeps it hotttt for awhile.

I was talking to my mom in Bend the other day, and she said that the street lights were still on at 10 a.m. because of the storm clouds. I told her that we (in Eastern Oregon) get Bend's weather about 12-hours later, and that I'd expect it.

Little did I know that 8-hours later I would be un-plugging every TV at our restaurant, cooking pizzas in the dark in the gas oven, and chasing patio furniture across the street in gale-force winds....

Insane. So yes, I agree in the Justin Timberlake song....


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